Our History

Chris Kemp and Sara Strickland founded Suited and Booted Studios in 1999 on the belief that it was possible to marry the quality of commercial film-making with the people-centered ethos of a participatory project.  They understood that this would allow them to provide high quality participatory media projects and a person-centred commercial production service to organisations who were intimidated by the jargon and clichéd nature of the usual corporate video production company. For 15 years we have been doing just that and our work has been both award winning and more importantly, has created an impact, told a story and educated its audience. From documentaries & short dramas which make people think about the world differently, to animations and motion graphics for corporate promotional videos and viral campaigns, Sara and Chris have put together an experienced and creative team who can produce high quality and engaging content. These days our day to day work is producing engaging and creative video content for all manner of commercial companies from Sky, BBC Worldwide, The British Council through to various city councils, universities & third sector organisations.  Our background within community and educational settings mean we are specialist in producing social dramas, educational and science & technology films. Throughout all of this we have also kept our roots in participatory media close and as a CIC (Community Interest Company) the profit we make is invested back into the development and facilitation of participatory media projects.  For our public sector clients who are often looking for added value to their spend, this is a vital component to our business and we are still proud to be a social enterprise. So that’s our history, but we are moving fast and growing year on year so give us a call and find out how we can help you make a little bit of history yourselves! | +44 (0)1225 338294


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