Jisc More power to you

In a nutshell
Working in collaboration with our friends and fellow film producers Jabberwocky, we were briefed to create a showcase piece that would kick off Jiscs annual Digifest and create huge impact, demonstrating who Jisc really are and what they do, both in front and behind the scenes – a story that would harmonise with the new CEO’s keynote speech.


Our Approach
Jisc are a truly amazing organisation who provide digital solutions to the UK education and research sectors. Their technologies have unlocked the potential of many international projects, and underpinned huge technological advancements. Up to now their messaging had been focused on the technical aspect, so this was an opportunity to bring to life what the companies contributions really meant to the world and demonstrate the human side of technology.

The concept and script brought to life each of these technologies, from providing the network that allow Tim Peake on the ISS to communicate with school children on Earth, to seamless worldwide resource collaborations that we almost take for granted. The emotional angle needed to be leveraged so that the audience could relate to the realities of these achievements. The approach was to combine a small amount of stock footage, with our specialty – the filming of people and their emotional connections with Jisc technology.
We needed the piece to look different to the previous work we had produced for Jisc and developed a shooting style for the piece that felt truthful to the audience whilst giving a cinematic feel and quality to the piece.


The Production
With only 4 weeks to turn around this production, we had a lot to achieve in a short space of time. Our trust with the client and collaborators meant that we could quickly draw on existing relationships and resources and set about filming quickly and efficiently. This included the key scene with the school children which utilized MD Sara’s strength in working with children to really engage the group, and bring to life how inspired children are by space and technology. Each scene was very focused on the individual, and slowed down to capture the essence of each moment they engage with Jisc-enabled technology. The emotional message was emphasised by overlaying an atmospheric track and enhancing this with a soundscape that gave an underlying feel of technology and human emotion.


The Results
We’re incredibly proud of what we achieved with this piece. It was shown to a packed auditorium at the start of Digifest as planned, and really helped set the tone for the future of Jisc. The film is now being used on their website and is a key asset in their marketing toolkit, quickly and clearly communicating the company’s proposition. Our collaboration with Jabberwocky continues and a piece like this really shows that bringing together creative minds, each with their own strength, can produce very strong results for shared clients.