Jisc Powering People – Shetland Islands

In a nutshell
Working in collaboration with our friends and fellow film producers Jabberwocky, we were briefed to create a showcase series of films that would kick off Jisc’s annual Digifest and create huge impact, demonstrating who Jisc really are and what they do for their members. They wanted to create pieces that showed a different message than usual that would soften their brand, talking about their members rather than their own facts and stats.


Our Approach
Jisc are a truly amazing organisation who provide digital solutions to the UK education and research sectors. Their technologies have unlocked the potential of many international projects, and underpinned huge technological advancements. Up to now their messaging had been focused on the technical aspect, so this was an opportunity to bring to life what the companies contributions really meant to the world and demonstrate the human side of technology.

The films show a mix of Jisc member’s users in extraordinary settings working with technology powered by Jisc and the benefits of being a part of their community. The human element in the film continues to be key, showing Jisc products with out shouting about them.

The approach was to follow 8 different users of Jisc and how it impacts them in their every day life in a beautifully documented style. We aimed to capture free-flowing narratives that appear spontaneous and unscripted to get a real natural feel, combined with stunning visuals .


The Production
With a short deadline, we managed to fit in filming for 8 different films across 8 different locations. Our trust with the client and collaborators meant that we could quickly draw on existing relationships and resources and set about filming quickly and efficiently.

We had our crew fly out to the Shetland Islands to capture stunning shots of the island as well as following Stuart Fitzsimmons, Aquaculture trainer at the NAFC, University of the Highlands and Islands. We captured a day in his life linking to the benefits Jisc give to him, showing a story through high quality film.


The Results
We’re incredibly proud of what we achieved with this piece. It was shown to a packed auditorium at the start of Digifest as planned, and really helped set the tone for the future of Jisc. The film is now being used on their website and is a key asset in their marketing toolkit, quickly and clearly communicating the company’s proposition. Our collaboration with Jabberwocky continues and a piece like this really shows that bringing together creative minds, each with their own strength, can produce very strong results for shared clients. Jisc has been able to bring students together to help their remote community strive.