Matthew Clark Recruitment film

In a nutshell

As part of their recruitment strategy, the HR department for our longstanding clients Matthew Clark found that new starters weren’t always aware of the full challenges that come with certain roles in the business. They needed a solution that would help engage potential new employees at application stage, to improve long-term staff retention for both their Logistics team and Sales Account Managers.


Our Approach

We created two films, showcasing Logistics and Sales Account Management. We knew there was no one better to tell the story than real staff, so our concept centred around two people for each role whose typical day we would follow. One was from London and another from Scotland, to demonstrate the difference of job role depending on location. We employed a documentary style as we needed to capture those challenging parts of the job, it also kept the piece cost effective for the client as it required minimum staff and equipment.  Keeping the crew to a minimum also allowed the subject to carry out their day as normal and gave us the flexibility to film the challenges as they happened. Because of this, we created a loose storyboard to follow, but allowed it the space to take on those moments that might happen unplanned.


The Production

To give the audience that taste of reality, it was important that narrative was provided from the subjects. It allowed these employees to describe what it was like to work for Matthew Clark in their own words. This was recorded separately and threaded throughout the footage, telling the story of the day as it unfolded and the challenges that took place in it


Whilst this was filmed fly-on-the-wall, it was still a corporate piece so needed to be polished. With that in mind we balanced the raw realities with a professional finish; consistency in hues and a smoothness applied to the story as it unfolded. This also meant we avoided using interview-style sections which would disrupt the flow by taking the subjects out of a natural setting. The end result was a true representation the company, communicating a good understanding of what it means to work for the company and role awareness for new recruits.


We look forward to seeing some positive results when the full recruitment strategy is in place and the recruitment film goes live.